1701 – Operations in the Low Countries – French OOB February

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In mid-February 1701, French troops were sent to occupy the various places of the Spanish Netherlands. They were deployed as depicted in the following table.

Summary: 34 bns, 50 sqns

Place Infantry Cavalry
Antwerp Picardie (3 bns)

Saintonge (1 bn)

Royal-Carabiniers (4 sqns)

Colonel Général Dragons (3 sqns)

Lierre (present-day Lier) Maine (2 bns) Berry Cavalerie (2 sqns)
Bruxelles Humières (2 bns)

Touraine (1 bn)

Mestre de camp Général Cavalerie (3 sqns)

Royal-Étranger Cavalerie (3 sqns)

Damme Poitou (2 bns)  
Ostende Boulonnais (1 bn)

Lorraine (1 bn)

Bruges Catinat (1 bn) Dauphin Dragons (3 sqns)
Nieuport Royal Roussillon (1 bn)  
Gand Royal (3 bns) Royal-Carabiniers (3 sqns)
Malines Dauphin (3 bns) Du Maine Cavalerie (2 sqns)

Toulouse Cavalerie (2 sqns)

Mons Santerre (1 bn)  
Diest Condé (1 bn) Orléans Cavalerie (2 sqns)

N.B.: in Aarschot and Sichem

Louvain Orléans (2 bns)

Vexin (1 bn)

Royal-Carabiniers (3 sqns)
Namur Royal-Artillerie (1 bn)

La Châtre (2 bns)

unidentified units (8 sqns)
Luxembourg Noailles (1 bn)

La Reine (3 bns)
Beauvoisis (1 bn)

unidentified units (10 sqns)
Herenthals   Vivans Cavalerie (2 sqns)


Vault, François Eugène de, and Pelet: Mémoires militaires relatifs à la Succession d'Espagne sous Louis XIV, Vol. 1 p. 436