1701 – Operations in the Low Countries – French OOB October

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On 3 October 1701, French troops were deployed as follows in the Spanish Netherlands.

Commander-in-Chief: Maréchal de Boufflers

Summary: 100 bns

Comte de Lamothe from Gand to the sea

  • in Ostend
  • in Damm
  • along the line of Saint-Donas
  • in Bruges
    • Alsace (4 bns)
    • Pelleport Cavalerie (2 sqns) new regiment being formed
  • in Gand, Vracene and Nieukirchen
    • Reynold (3 bns) Swiss
    • Furstemberg Cavalerie (2 sqns)

Comte d'Artaignan

M. de Gassion

M. de Rosen

Comte de Ximenez

Baron de Busca

Comte de Coigny

(*) these regiments were destined to be transferred to places in French Flandre

New regiments being formed

  • in Maubeuge: Savine Cavalerie (2 sqns) former Cathulan
  • in Landrecies: Lagny Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Hesdin: Rassent Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Béthune: Vaillac Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Cambrai: Geoffreville Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Douai: Fiennes Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Arras: Horne Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Valenciennes: Montrevel Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Le Quesnoy: Saint-Mauris Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • in Alsace near Strasbourg: Asfeld Dragons (3 sqns)
  • in Charlesville: Poitiers Dragons (3 sqns)
  • in Mézières: Sainte-Hermine Dragons (3 sqns)


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