1701 – Operations in the Low Countries – Hanoverian OOB Spring

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In 1701, the Sea Powers (England and the Dutch Republic) concluded a contract with the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg (aka Electorate of Hanover) and the Principality of Brunswick-Celle, by which these principalities agreed to provide the following troops.

In English Pay

Commander: Lieutenant-General Carl Christian von Sommerfeld, assisted by Lieutenant-General Cuno Josua von Bülow

Cavalry (1,074 horse and 2,171 dragoons) under Lieutenant-General von Bülow

Infantry (5,175 foot) under Lieutenant-General von Sommerfeld

In Dutch Pay

Commander: Major-General St. Paul des Estanges, assisted by Barthold Heinr[ich von Bernstorff, Detlef von Rantzau, and Lieutenant-Colonel Amaury de Farcy de St. Laurent

Note: on paper each infantry battalion had 742 men, each cavalry regiment 384, in reality infantry strength was about 500, cavalry about 358. The infantry battalion had seven companies, in those of Celle one of these was a grenadier company.

Cavalry under Lieutenant-Colonel de St. Laurent

Infantry under Bernstorff and Rantzau

Two units were later added to these contingents:


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