1702 – Allied offensive in the Low Countries – French OOB January

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French Army

State of the troops (as of 21 January 1702) destined to the Army of Flander for the year 1702 and for the guard of the places of France, Spanish Netherlands, Upper Guelderland, Electorate of Cologne, Principality of Liège and other posts on the borders, from the sea up to the Rhine.

Commander-in-Chief: Maréchal de Boufflers

Field Infantry (94 bns)

Infantry destined to garrison places

Free companies

  • de Lacoix (200 men)
  • de Melard (100 men)

Miners of Mesgrigny and Bambigny (62 men)

Cavalry (93 sqns)

Dragoons (18 sqns)


  • 2 x 24-pdrs
  • 4 x 12-pdrs 'new invention
  • 14 x 8-pdrs
  • 40 x 4-pdrs

Spanish Army

in the Spanish Netherlands

  • unidentified infantry units (25 bns)
  • unidentified new infantry units (20 bns) being raised
  • unidentified cavalry units (43 sqns)


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