1702 – Campaign in Northern Italy – Spanish OOB in Naples Beginning June

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An État militaire gives the composition and strength of the troops stationed in the Vice-Royalty of Naples, a Spanish dependency. Some of these units would be later redirected to Spain or Northern Italy to reinforce the armies operating in these quarters.

In Naples

  • Infantry
    • Tercio Fijo de Nápoles aka Caro (1,027 men)
    • Tercio Provincial Nuevo de Segovia aka Castro (587 men)
    • Tercio de Galvès (488 men)
    • Tercio de Redonda (600 men)
    • Tercio de Gibraltar aka Antolinez (600 men)
  • Cavalry
  • Dragoons
    • Regimiento de Belvalet (400 men)
    • Regimiento de Armendariz (315 men)

In Capua

  • Infantry
    • Tercio Provincial de Toledo aka Alarcon (400 men)

In Gaeta

  • Infantry
    • Tercio de Villalonga (460 men) one of the tercio belonging to the Armada (Navy)
    • Tercio Fijo de Nápoles aka Caro (3 coys totalling 328 men)
    • Tercio de Maulde (Walloon) (250 men) unidentified unit

In the Abruzzo

  • Infantry and cavalry detachments (1,000 men)

In the islands

  • Infantry and cavalry detachment (70 men)

In the Presidios of Toscana (Orbello, Porto Ercole and, on Elba Island, Porto Longone)

  • Infantry and cavalry detachments (1,190 men)



Jean-Pierre Loriot for the initial version of this article.