1703 – Campaign in Northern Italy – Imperial OOB end December

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Order of battle of the Imperial army at the end of December when FZM Count Guido Starhemberg passed the Secchia with the main body of his army and marched towards Piedmont, leaving a corps under the command of General Trautmansdorf on the Secchia River.

Starhemberg's Army

Commander-in-Chief: FZM Count Guido Starhemberg seconded by G.d.C. Prince Thomas de Vaudémont, FML Philipp Prince of Liechtenstein and Quartermaster-General Baron von Riedt

Summary: 24 bns, 8 grenadier coys, 39 sqns and 20 regimental pieces for a total of approx. 14,000 men and 3,420 horse.

Major-General Marquis Vaubonne

  • Deák Hussars (2 sqns)
  • Savoyen Dragoons (6 sqns)
  • Vaubonne Dragoons (5 sqns)
  • Taaffe Cuirassiers (3 sqns)
  • Alt-Hessen-Darmstadt Cuirassiers (4 sqns)

Major-General Count Solari

Major-General Count Wirich Daun

Major-General Count Colonna von Fels

Trautmannsdorf's Army

Commander-in-Chief: G.d.C. Count Trautmannsdorf

Summary: approx. 13,900 men

Infantry (5,898 men fit for duty and 4,000 men sick, wounded or marauding)

Cavalry (760 men mounted fit for duty, 2,500 men without horses and 500 men sick, wounded or marauding)

  • Pfalz-Neuburg Cuirassiers (190 men)
  • Trautmansdorf Dragoons (170 men)
  • Herbeville Dragoons (140 men)
  • Corbelli Cuirassiers (190 men)
  • Falkenstein Cuirassiers (70 men)

Hussars (250 men)

Trautmansdorf's Army was distributed as follows:

  • in Mirandola: 1,550 foot, 30 pieces (including 5 heavy pieces)
  • in Concordia: 200 foot
  • in Revere: 1,600 foot, 27 pieces (including 3 heavy pieces)
  • in Ostiglia: 2,500 foot, 100 gunners, 1,000 hayducken, 24 field pieces
  • around Serravale and Ponte-Molino: 400 foot
  • in villages from Sermide to Quadrelle: 1,850 horse or hussars (many without horse)

Other detachments

In Tyrol and South-Tyrol under Colonel Zumjungen


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