1703 – Campaign in the Low Countries – Allied OOB May

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Order of battle of the Allied army in the Low Countries in May 1703.

N.B.: For the moment we have only an incomplete order of battle concentrating on the British troops of the right wing and on the Prussian hired troops

Commander-in-chief: John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough

First Line Second Line
Right Cavalry Wing
Ross's Brigade
  • 1st Royal Dragoons
  • Charles Ross' Dragoons
  • Scots Dragoons
  • an unidentified foreign regiment

Wood's Brigade

  • Queen's Regiment of Horse
  • Cadogan's Horse
  • Duke of Leinster’s Regiment of Horse
  • Carabineers
  • Wood's Horse
unidentified foreign cavalry regiments
Right Infantry Wing
Withers's Brigade
  • I./1st Regiment of Foot Guards (1 bn)
  • I./Royal Scots (1 bn)
  • Hon. Emmanuel Scrope Howe's Foot aka 15th
  • Marlborough's Foot aka 24th
  • Welch Regiment of Fuzileers aka 23rd
  • William Stewart's Foot aka 9th

Hamilton's Brigade

  • Queen's Regiment of Foot aka 8th
  • Holcroft Blood's Foot aka 17th
  • Henry Leigh's Foot aka 33rd
  • Gustavus Hamilton Viscount Boyne's Foot aka 20th
  • Earl of Barrymore's Foot aka 13th
Unidentified Brigade
  • II./Royal Scots (1 bn)
  • Earl of Derby's Foot aka 16th
  • James Ferguson's Foot aka 26th Cameronians
  • Scots Fusiliers aka 21st
  • Lord North and Grey's Foot aka 10th

Prussian troops in Dutch pay

  • Infantry
    • Markgraf Albrecht
    • Kronprinzen aka Friedlich von Brandenburg
    • Anhalt-Zerbst
    • Varenne
    • Wulffen
    • Heyden
  • Cavalry
    • Sydow Horse unidentified unit


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