1703 – Franco-Bavarian advance on the Danube – Imperialist OOB January

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By the end of January 1703, the Imperialist had several contingents in the Black Forest and in the region of the Danube.

Schlik’s Army between the Traun and the Inn

Commander-in-Chief: [[Schlik, Leopold Anton, Count|Feldmarschall-Lieutenant Leopold Anton, Count Schlik

The army consisted of detachments of various rgts totalling 6,340 men, not a single battalion being complete:

Solari’s Detachment near Kufstein

Commander-in-Chief: Major-General Solari

Solari was at the head of the former garrison of Guastalla which totalled 1,278 men and consisted of detachments from various rgts:

Saxon Contingent (in Imperial pay) in Western Bohemia

The Saxon contingent (in Imperial pay) was under the command of Lieutenant-General Johann Matthias Baron von der Schulenburg. On 17 February, it arrived at Linz. It consisted of:

Infantry (6 bns for a total of 3,854 men)

  • Leib-Regiment (1 bn) aka Thielau
  • Königin Infantry (1 bn)
  • Churprinz Infantry (1 bn)
  • Reichling Infantry (1 bn) aka Beuchling
  • Wostromirski Infantry (1 bn)
  • Sacken Infantry (1 bn)

Cavalry (4 rgts for a total of 2,170 men)

  • Leib-Regiment des Königs (approx. 550 men)
  • Churprinz Cuirassiers (approx. 570 men)
  • Jordan Cuirassiers (approx. 500 men)
  • Eichstädt Cuirassiers (approx. 550 men)


  • a few 12-pdr guns

Limburg-Styrum’s Corps near Nördlingen

Infantry (5,826 men)

  • Württemberg Grenadier zu Fuss (349 men)
  • Franconian Erff Infantry (1,225 men)
  • Franconian Schnebelin Infantry (1,343 men)
  • Franconian Erff Infantry (1,225 men)
  • ??? Wald Infantry (1,109 men)
  • Palatine Isselbach Infantry (1,200 men) captured at the surrender of Neuburg on 3 February
  • Swabian Reischach Infantry (600 men) captured at the surrender of Neuburg on 3 February

Cavalry (3,636 men commandeered from 13 rgts) under G.d.C. Count zu Gronsfeld

  • Austrian Bayreuth Dragoons (123 men)
  • Austrian Limburg-Styrum Dragoons (265 men)
  • Austrian Castell Dragoons (529 men)
  • Würzburger Schad Dragoons (127 men)
  • Franconian Auffsatz Dragoons (529 men)
  • Austrian Gronsfeld Cuirassiers (251 men)
  • Austrian Alt-Hannover Cuirassiers (251 men)
  • Austrian Zanthe Cuirassiers (189 men)
  • Austrian Cusani Cuirassiers (268 men)
  • Austrian Hessen-Darmstadt Cuirassiers (257 men) ???Alt or Jung???
  • Austrian Mercy Cuirassiers (112 men)
  • Franconian Brandenburg-Bayreuth Cavalry (460 men)
  • Swabian Württemberg Cavalry (275 men)

Note: as of April 30

Other troops

Being formed at Salzburg

  • d’Albon Infantry (1 bn of 650 men) under Lieutenant-Colonel d’Albon

On the Enns and on the frontier near Neumarkt

In the region of Wels

On the border between Palatinate and Bohemia, near Teinitz

  • Loosy Hussars (5 coys) sent to reinforce the Army of the Rhine soon afterwards

A total of 1,376 recruits for the detachments of the infantry regiments listed above.


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