1704 – Marlborough's march to the Danube – Allied OOB January

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At the beginning of 1704, the Allies had several corps on the Rhine, in Swabia, Franconia, Austria and North Tyrol, for a total of approx. 60,000 men.

Corps on the Rine and the Main rivers

Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General Ludwig Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Baden

Summary: 22,000 foot and 7,300 horse in the Stollhofen Lines, with the headquarters in Aschaffenburg:

  • Imperial Esterházy Hussars
  • Imperial Kollonits Hussars
  • Imperial Gombos Hussars
  • Imperial Salm Infantry
  • Hesse-Darmstadt Contingent
  • Churmainz Contingent
  • Ducal Saxony Contingent
  • The rest of the Upper-Rhine Contingent
  • Baden Leib-Regiment
  • Churpfalz Contingent in Austrian pay
  • Hesse-Kassel Contingent in Dutch pay
  • Hanoverian Contingent in Dutch pay

Corps in Swabia

Commander-in-chief: Field-Marshal Johann Karl Baron von Thüngen

Summary: 16,000 foot and 5,000 horse

Between the Bodensee and the Danube River

Between the Danube River and the Alps under Lieutenant-General Goor

  • Dutch Contingent (12 bns)
  • Dutch Contingent (3 Hanoverian sqns)

Corps in Franconia

Summary: 11,000 foot and 3,000 horse

Around Nuremberg under the command of Field-Marshal Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth

  • Franconian Contingent
  • Würzburg Contingent

Around Amberg under the command of Field-Marshal Hermann Otto, Count Limburg-Styrum

In Upper=Palatinate under the command of General of Infantry Leopold Prince von Anhalt-Dessau

  • Prussian Contingent

In the District of Cham under command of G.d.C. Count Herbéviller

  • detachments of Brandenburg-Bayreuth’s and Limburg-Styrum’s corps

Corps in Austria on the Enns River

Commander-in-chief: G.d.C. Count Gronsfeld (headquarters in Passau)

Summary: 2,500 foot, 850 horse

  • Detachments of various Imperial regiments
  • Imperial Albon Battalion
  • Danish Contingent in Austrian pay

Corps in North-Tyrol

Commander-in-chief: Colonel Wetzel (after the departure of FZM Sigbert Count Heister for Hungary)

Summary: 5,332 foot and 426 horse


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