1704 – Rákóczi Uprising in Hungary – Imperialist OOB November

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At the end of November, Imperial forces were deployed as follows in the eastern theatre of operation. However, a large part of these troops were stationed in fortified cities in Hungary, in Vienna and various places of the Hereditary Lands.

In the Hereditary Lands (in Marchfelde and on the March River, in Lower Austria and Moravia) under the command of FML Heister

N.B.: from these dispersed detachments, there were only 900 foot and 3,000 horse already assembled at Zistersdorf

On the Leitha under the command of Colonel Viard and near Raab and Styria under Count Caspar Esterházy

In Pressburg

  • Infantry (2,078 men)
    • Hasslingen (596 men)
    • Guido Starhemberg (552 men)
    • Thürheim (146 men)
    • Nehem (210 men)
    • Königsegg (574 men)

In Silesia

  • Infantry (600 men)
    • Wobeser (600 men)
  • Cavalry (800 men with 485 horses)

Furthermore, detachments of Kratze Infantry, Friese Infantry, d’Arnant Infantry and Nicolaus Pálffy Infantry were posted in Güns, Gran, Sárvár, Körmend, St. Gotthard, Simontornya, Duna-Földvar to cover the part of Hungary on the right bank of the Danube River. The Silesian militia, guarded the Jablunka Pass along with some dismounted cuirassiers of the Montecuccoli Cuirassiers. Meanwhile, the Moravian militia were posted in the vicinity of Ungarisch-Hradisch.


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