1706 – British expedition against Tenerife

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The campaign took place in November 1706


In October 1706, after his campaign on the Southern Coast of Spain, Admiral Leake detached Rear Admiral John Jennings with 12 ships of the line and several minor warships to make himself master of the Canary Island. The main objective of the expedition was the capture of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


On 6 November, when Jennings’ squadron entered the bay of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it was greeted by heavy fire from hidden shore batteries and suffered many casualties.

Mayor José de Ayala y Rojas was in charge of the defence of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the absence of Governor de Robles. He commanded a garrison of 4,000 men and had 70 artillery pieces.

Jennings then tried to land troops but the artillery of the Castle of San Cristobal drove back his barges. Jennings then summoned the place to join the pro-Habsburg cause, threatening to storm the place. The mayor refused to surrender.

At night, Jennings’ squadron sailed away without trying to submit other islands of the archipelago.


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