1706 – Campaign in Spain – Franco-Spanish OOB July

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Order of battle of the Franco-Spanish army at Rebollosa in Spain in July 1706.

N.B.: there seem to be a lot of corrupt/misspelled names in the order of battle, probably already in Heller's own sources. We tried to correct them when possible.

Commander-in-Chief: Maréchal James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick

First Line Second Line Third Line
Cavalry Right Wing
Lieutenant-General Aguilar

Lieutenant-General Cansano
Lieutenant-General d'Aytona
Brigadier Montenegro
Brigadier Pintofunnis

Lieutenant-General Villareal

Lieutenant-General d'Asfeld
Brigadier Armendariz

Spanish (Irish) Grafton Dragoons
Infantry Centre
Lieutenant-General Hessy

Lieutenant-General Haure
Brigadier Merode
Brigadier Lanair
Brigadier Elval

Lieutenant-General Amezaga

Lieutenant-General Labadie
Brigadier Manto
Brigadier Vienebello

French Courtebonne Dragons
Cavalry Left Wing
Lieutenant-General Legal

Lieutenant-General Canal
Brigadier Silly
Brigadier Seiba

  • Spanish Rosellon Viejo Cavalry (3 sqns)
  • Spanish Granada Cavalry (3 sqns)
  • Spanish Santiago Cavalry (3 sqns)
  • French Parabère Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • French Villiers Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • French Germinon Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • French Valgrand Cavalerie (2 sqns)
  • French Berry Cavalerie (3 sqns)
Lieutenant-General Jeoffreville

Brigadier Medinilla

  • Spanish Milan Cavalry (3 sqns)
  • Spanish Ordenes Nuevo Cavalry (3 sqns)
  • Spanish Pozzo Cavalry (2 sqns) unidentified
  • French Flepetie Cavalerie (3 sqns) unidentified
  • French Vignau (2 sqns)
French Bouville Dragons

(*) Berwick Infanterie is also mentioned in Italy in 1706 (siege of Turin]


Heller [von Hellwald] Friedrich Jakob: Der Feldzug 1706 in Spanien, in ÖMZ, 1839 Heft 5, pp. 116-137, 131f


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