2nd Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards

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Origin and History

The troop was raised in 1702 as part of the Scottish army.

In February 1709, it was not deemed necessary to retain the Scots Guards and their attached horse grenadiers in Scotland any more. Therefore, they marched from Scotland and were quartered at Kingston-upon-Thames. The Scots troop of Life Guards was numbered the fourth troop but was frequently called the “Union Troop”. Similarly, the Scots troop of Grenadiers was renamed the “2nd Troop of the Horse Grenadier Guards”, the English troop becoming 1st Troop.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the troop was under the command of:

  • from 12 May 1702: William, Lord Forbes
  • from 4 May 1704 to December 1713: John Lindsay, Earl of Crawford

Service during the War

The Life Guards did not served abroad in the campaigns of that war, nor were they employed on any of the expedition during the war.


In 1709, the Scots Guards and their attached horse grenadiers were furnished with clothing similar to that worn by the English troops of Life Guards.

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Standards and Guidons

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