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Origin and History

The regiment was created on 8 December 1674 and raised in Tournai by M. de Saint-Sandoux.

From 1674 to 1677, during the Franco-Dutch War (1672-78), the regiment formed part of the garrison of Tournai. In 1677, it took part in the siege of Saint-Ghislain.

During the Nine Years' War (1688-97), the regiment served on the Sarre, the Moselle and the Rhine. In 1692, it took part in the combat of Heidenheim.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive mestres de camp of the regiment were:

  • from 4 March 1700: N. d’Albert d’Ailly de Chaulnes, Chevalier d’Albert
  • 17 July 1701: Louis-Auguste d’Albert d’Ailly, Vidame d’Amiens
  • from 9 March 1702: Marquis du Héron
  • from June 1705: de Bourgneuf
  • from 13 June 1706: Marquis de Vassé
  • from 31 May 1710 to 10 March 1734: François-Rodrigue Deshayes, Marquis d’Espinay

Service during the War

In 1701, at the beginning of the war, the regiment was sent to Italy. On 9 July, it took part in the Combat of Carpi, where it young mestre de camp was killed. By mid-August, the regiment was posted at Lecco on Lake Garda. By mid-November, it formed part of Zurlauben’s Corps, which was posted behind the Adda River. On 25 November, it was recalled to the main army.

By the end of March 1702, the regiment formed part of the field army in Italy. On 15 August, the regiment was present at the Battle of Luzzara.

In the summer of 1703, the regiment was attached to Besons’s Corps which was destined to effect a junction with the Bavarian Army on the Danube. On 31 July, the regiment took part in the Combat of Munderkingen, where it was deployed on the left wing. At the end of November, the regiment is listed in the order of battle of the Army of Italy. It was posted at Colosso.

By January 1704, the regiment was posted at Montemagno. During this campaign, it took part in the sieges of Vercelli, Ivrea and Verrua.

On 16 August 1705, the regiment fought in the Battle of Cassano.

On 19 April 1706, the regiment took part in the Battle of Calcinato, where it mestre de camp, the Marquis du Héron, was killed. On 7 September, it was present at the disastrous Battle of Turin.

In 1707, the regiment served on the frontier of Dauphiné.

In 1708, the regiment campaigned in Flanders. On 11 July, it was present at the Battle of Oudenarde, where it formed part of the Reserve. It was almost annihilated during this battle.

In 1710, the regiment served in Flanders.

In 1712, the regiment initially served in Flanders. In August, after the Battle of Denain, it was transferred to the Rhine.

In 1713, the regiment campaigned in Germany and contributed to the capture of Freiburg.


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