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Origin and History

On 18 November 1702, the Banus of Croatia and Judex curiae of Hungary, Adam Count Batthyányi, received a patent authorising him to raise a hayduk infantry regiment of 10 companies. The recruits were raised in the Komitats (counties) on the left bank on the Danube River.

The successive proprietors of the regiment during the War of the Spanish Succession were:

  • from 1702: Colonel Adam Count Batthyányi
  • from 1703 to 1706: Colonel Franz Count Batthyányi

The successive effective commanders of the regiment during the War of the Spanish Succession were:

  • from 1702: no information available
  • from 1704: Colonel Franz Count Batthyányi (the proprietor of the regiment)

By 1706, the regiment was very weak and its remaining men were transferred to Bagosy Infantry.

Service during the War

In 1702, once brought to full strength, the regiment was sent to Italy along with Andrássy Infantry.

In 1703, the regiment took part in the campaign in Lombardy.

In 1704, the regiment remained on the Po River and fought at Ostiglia.

In 1705, the regiment was allocated to the army of Prince Eugène. On 16 August, it took part in the Battle of Cassano.

In 1706, the regiment was initially stationed in Tyrol, but was later incorporated in Bagosy Infantry.


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