Bay, Alexandre Maître, Marquis de

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Bay, Alexandre Maître, Marquis de

Spanish General of Cavalry (1702-1710), Captain-General of the Royal Army (1710)

born 1650, Salins, France

died 14 November 1715, Badajoz, Spain


Alexandre Maître was born in Salins in 1650. He was the son of Louis Maître, seigneur de Sornay, d'Ugier et de Bay and Jeanne Pourtier d'Aiglepierre.

In 1696, Alexandre Maître volunteered as colonel in the Dutch service. He remained in that service until 1701.

In 1701, Alexandre Maître offered his service to Philip V who had just been crowned king of Spain. He was appointed colonel of a regiment of cavalry.

In 1702, Alexandre Maître was appointed general of cavalry of Flanders.

On 30 June 1703, Alexandre Maître distinguished himself in the Battle of Ekeren where he fought alongside the Maréchal de Villeroy at the head of the cavalry and dragoons.

On 23 July 1704, Philip V granted Maître the dignity of Marquis de Bay and Captain-General of Extremadura.

On the night of 14 to 15 December 1706, the Marquis de Bay captured Alcantara with 800 infantry and 200 cavalry.

In June 1707, the Marquis de Bay seized a fort defending the bridge at Olivenza, then demolished the bridge. On 4 October he stormed Ciudad Rodrigo, capturing the city in less than an hour. For this victory he was created a Knight of the Golden Fleece by the Philip V and appointed viceroy of Extremadura.

On 7 May 1709, the Marquis de Bay defeated an Anglo-Portuguese army at the Battle of La Gudiña.

At the end of July 1710, the Marquis de Bay replaced the Marquis de Villadarias as Captain-General of the Royal Spanish Army. On 20 August, the Marquis de Bay was severely defeated at the Battle of Saragossa. In September, he was relieved of his command and replaced by the Maréchal Duc de Vendôme.

In October 1712, the Marquis de Bay tried to storm Campo Maior which was defended by a Portuguese garrison. He was repulsed and forced to withdraw.

The Marquis de Bay died at Badajoz on 14 November 1715.


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Geni - Alexandre Maître, I marquis de Bay