Bercsényi, Miklós, Count

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Bercsényi, Miklós (Nikolaus) Count

Hungarian general (1703-1711)

born 6 December 1665, Castle of Tematín, Royal Hungary (present-day Slovakia)

died 6 November 1726, Tekirdag, Turkey


Miklós Bercsényi – Source: Castle of Bibersburg (Červený Kameň) in Slovakia

Miklós Bercsényi studied with the Jesuits at the College of Tyrnau (present-day Trnava/SK). He then continued his studies at the court of Palatin Paul Esterházy.

In 1683, Miklós Bercsényi took service in the Imperial Army and took part in the Great Turkish War.

In 1685, Miklós Bercsényi was commander of Šala (in present-day Slovakia).

In 1686 at Szegedin in Hungary, Miklós Bercsényi was promoted to colonel.

From 1688 to 1693, Miklós Bercsényi served as vice-governor of the mining towns of Upper Hungary.

In 1698, Miklós Bercsényi took part in the Wesselényi Conspiracy.

In 1703, Bercsényi raised troops in Poland and joined Rákoczy's Uprising. During the meeting at Onod, Bercsényi was elected deputy of Ferenc II Rákóczi. He was one of the leaders of the rebellion. Bercsényi conducted a few diplomatic missions in France, Poland and Russia but also took part in some battles (for example Trencsén).

When the rebels surrendered at Majtény on 21 November 1710, Bercsényi fled to Poland.

In June 1716, Bercsényi took refuge in Turkey where he commanded some troops at the Battle of Orsova.

From 1720, Bercsényi lived at Tekirdag (Rodosto).

Bercsényi died at Tekirdag on 6 November 1726.

Bercsényi had been married three times. His first wife was Christine Baroness Drughet; his second, Christine Countess Csáky; and his third, Susane Köseggy. A son from his first marriage, Ladislaus (Lászlo) Bercsényi, exiled himself to France at the end of the uprising. There, he reached the rank of Maréchal.



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