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Origin and History

This regiment shares the same origins as De Carles Infantry. These two regiments initially formed the two battalions of the Zellische Leib-Regiment and shared the same regimental history until 1692.

It is only in 1692, during the Nine Years' War (1688–97), that the two battalions were separated to form two distinct regiments. The present regiment was then sent to Brabant where it took part in the Battle of Steenkerque. In 1693, it served in the lines of Flanders under the Prince of Württemberg. In 1695, it took part in the siege and capture of Namur. It then returned to Hanover.

In 1700, a dispute arose between Denmark and Holstein-Gottorp. The king of Denmark seized Gottorp, Schleswig, Friedrichsburg and besieged the Fortress of Tönning. Duke Georg Wilhelm came to the rescue of Holstein-Gottorp with his army.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regimental inhabers were:

  • from 1693: Colonel Bartolomeus Hartwig von Bernstorf (killed in action at the Battle of Oudenarde)
  • from 1709 to 1714: Colonel von Diepenbroick

Service during the War

In 1702, the regiment was in Dutch pay and took part in the storming of the Citadel of Liège and took its winter-quarters in Holland.

In the Autumn of 1703, the regiment was supposed to reinforce the army of the Hereditary Prince of Hessen on the Rhine but it joined this army only after the Combat of Speyerbach (15 October).

On 2 July 1704, the regiment took part in the Battle of the Schellenberg where it lost 1 officer killed (Lieutenant von Schulte) and 11 officers wounded (Captain O'Hey; Lieutenants Mensekamp, von Bassewitz, von Clüver, Pingvoss and Creinberg; Ensigns Purgold, Crone, von Thun, Kone and von Sellen) and suffered so heavy losses that it could not take part in the Battle of Blenheim six weeks later. It returned to Flanders.

In 1705, the regiment took part in the siege of Sytloh (?).

On 23 May 1706, the regiment fought in the Battle of Ramillies and took part in the capture of Menin and Ath.

On 11 July 1708, the regiment took part in the Battle of Oudenarde where it was among the 6 battalions who passed the Scheldt to launch the first attack. In this battle, the regiment lost its chief, Major-General von Bernstorf, killed in action. Captain Bülow and Major von Eimbeck were also killed. Furthermore, Lieutenants von Clüver and von Bülow were wounded. The regiment also captured two colours. On 28 September, it fought in the Engagement of Wijnendale.

In 1709, the regiment took part in the siege of Mons where it lost Captain von Sellem and Ensign von Bodeck.

In 1710, the regiment took part in the capture of Béthune.


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