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Origin and History

The regiment was created on 27 February 1698, after the Treaty of Ryswick, for James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick with the remnants of old Irish regiments.

The regiment comprised a single battalion.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regiment was commanded by:

Service during the War

In 1701, the regiment was part of the Army of the Rhine. In July, it was sent to Northern Italy where it campaigned under the command of the Maréchal de Catinat during the Imperialist invasion of Northern Italy. On 1 September, it fought in the Battle of Chiari.

On 15 August 1702, the regiment fought in the Battle of Luzzara.

In 1703, the regiment took part in the combats of Stradella and Castelnuovo. It also accompanied the Duc de Vendôme who advanced in Trentino in a vain attempt to effect a junction with the army of the Elector of Bavaria.

In March and April 1704, the regiment fought in several encounters in Upper Italy, taking part in the sieges and capture of Vercelli and Ivrea. It then marched to Verrua to open the trench.

In 1705, the regiment took part in the siege of Chivasso. On 16 August, it fought in the Battle of Cassano.

In 1706, the regiment took part in the unsuccessful siege of Turin. On 7 June, it fought in the disastrous Battle of Turin. It then retired to Pinerolo and then retreated to France.

In 1707, the regiment operated in Spain. On 25 April, it fought in the Battle of Almansa. It later took part in the sieges of Valencia and Lérida.

In 1708, the regiment took part in the capture of Tortosa.

From 1710 to 1712, the regiment served with the Army of Dauphinée.

In 1713, the regiment was transferred to the Army of Catalonia.

In 1714, the regiment took part in the siege and capture of Barcelona.


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This article is mostly made of abridged and adapted excerpts from the following books, which are now in the public domain:

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