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  • curprev 11:01, 16 April 2023RCouture talk contribs 921 bytes +921 Map of the siege of Lleida in 1707. Key to the map: '''A''' The Town<br> '''BB''' The Bridge and Work before it, with the Mine made by the Garrison<br> '''C''' The New Wall<br> '''D''' The Old Wall<br> '''E''' The Wall of the Old Town<br> '''F''' Sant Antonio’s Gate<br> '''G''' The Butcher’s Gate<br> '''H''' Magdalen’s Gate<br> '''I''' Gate of Santo Spirito<br> '''K''' The Tanner’s Gate<br> '''L''' The New Work<br> '''MM''' The Bourbons's Trenches and Saps<br> '''NN''' Batteries of Cannon<b...