Foissac's Dragoons

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Origin and History

Late in 1708, the British decided to raise 5 regiments (1 dragoon regiment and 4 foot regiments) in Portugal. These regiments would consist of Portuguese soldiers under the nominal command of Portuguese colonels and effective command of Huguenot or British lieutenant-colonels. During recruitment, it was decided to reorganise the 4 foot regiments in 5 dragoon regiments.

The present regiment was raised 7 March 1709.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive proprietors of the regiment were:

  • from 7 March 1709: Don Diego de Nerogna (effective commander was Lieutenant-Colonel Balthazar Rivas de Foissac)
  • in 1712: Major-General Balthazar Rivas de Foissac

The regiment was disbanded in 1712.

Service during the War

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