Hanoverian Artillery

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Origin and History

There is no information on the creation of the artillery which was probably established in 1585, when Duke Julius had several guns cast.

In 1679, the artillery of Osnabrück was incorporated in the unit.

In 1705, at the death of Duke Georg Wilhelm zu Celle, the artillery of this principality was also incorporated in the Hanoverian artillery.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regimental Chefs were:

  • from 1689: Brigadier Braun
  • from 1705: Colonel Bodeck
  • from 1708 to 1715: Brigadier Welling

Service during the War

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Rank and File

Light blue uniform with red distinctive.


Constable of the Celle artillery circa 1700 - Source: Reitzenstein, Johann Freiherrn von: Die Uniformbilder in der Armee-Ehrenhalle des Vaterländischen Museum in Celle


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