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Origin and History

Originally raised during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) by General Geyso as the Weißes Regiment (White Regiment), the regiment took part in the Battle at Lützen (1632). After the peace of 1648, the regiment was reduced to three companies:

  • the Kasseler Palace Company
  • 1 company in Kassel
  • 1 company in the Fortress at Ziegenhain.

In 1683, these companies formed the kernel of a new regiment raised by Lieutenant-General Count August zur Lippe. This new regiment had eight companies.

When Landgrave Karl formed his standing army in 1684, the regiment became the Leibregiment zu Fuss.

In 1687, the regiment contributed three companies for the creation of a new infantry regiment.

In 1697, the regiment ceded its grenadier company to the newly created Grenadierbataillon. In 1698, it consisted of 10 companies in two battalions.

After taking part in the campaigns against Turks in Greece, the regiment became the Leibgarde zu Fuß in 1699.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the Chef of the regiment was:

  • from 1684 to 1730: Landgrave Carl of Hesse-Kassel

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive Kommandeure assuming effective command of the regiment were:

  • from 1696: Colonel Albrecht von Tettau
  • from 1702: Colonel R. F. von Sacken
  • from 1709 to 1730: Colonel von Hattenbach

After the war, the regiment assumed garrison duty in various places in Hesse-Kassel.

During the 1760 reform, the regiment was renamed the Dritte Garde (3rd Guards).

The regiment was disbanded in 1806.

Service during the War

In 1702, the regiment contributed 5 companies for the creation of the Grenadier-Regiment, which also included the former Grenadierbataillon. The present regiment was immediately brought back to 10 companies (in two battalions) and, by the end of the year, numbered 834 men.

In March 1703, the regiment numbered 815 men.

On 13 August 1704, the regiment took part in the victorious Battle of Blenheim.

On 8 September 1706, the regiment fought in the Battle of Castiglione.

On 11 July 1708, the regiment took part in the Battle of Oudenarde.

On 11 September 1710, the regiment fought in the sanguinary Battle of Malplaquet.


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