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Origin and History

The regiment was raised in 1703 as per a treaty signed on 15 March between the British and Dutch governments providing for an Augmentation Force of 20,000 men to be financed half by the States General and half by Great Britain. The regiment formed part of the Walloon contingent raised from Liège ("Luikerwalen"). It was in Dutch pay and had a strength of 12 companies of 66 men each.

Since its creation, the successive colonels of the regiment were:

  • from 1703: René-François de Jaymaert (died in 1712)
  • from 1712 to 1713: Adriaan Baron van der Linden

The regiment was probably dismissed dismissed with the other regiments from the Walloon contingent in 1713.

Service during the War

The regiment seems to have been used mainly for garrison duties.

In 1703, the regiment took up its winter-quarters in Maastricht and Viset.

By 27 May 1704, the regiment was part of the large force assembled by Field-Marshal Nassau-Ouwerkerk near Houtain.

At the end of March 1705, the regiment was at Bonn,

By 21 November 1705, the regiment was quartered at Maastricht.


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is partly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.


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