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Origin and History

The regiment was created on 24 September 1673 by the Chevalier d'Hocquincourt. His death at the combat of Gamhürst on 23 July 1675, allowed the king to acquire the regiment which was given to Queen Marie-Thérèse d'Autriche a few days later, on 31 July. The regiment was then completed to 12 companies, each of 60 men, with companies taken from Colonel Général Dragons and Royal Dragons.

In 1674, during of the Franco-Dutch War (1672-78), the regiment took part in the battles of Sinsheim, Entzheim and Mulhouse; in 1675, in the battles of Turckheim and Altenheim, and in the affairs of Haguenau and Saverne; in 1676, in the Battle of the Kochersberg; in 1677, in the siege of Freiburg; in 1678, in the Battle of Rheinfelden, in the affair of Seckingen, and in the sieges of Kehl and Lichtenberg; and in 1679, in the Battle of Minden.

In 1681, the regiment was at the camp of the Sarre; and in 1683 at the camp of the Saône. In 1684, it covered the operations of the siege of Luxembourg. From 1685 to 1687, it was at the camp of the Saône.

In 1688, at the outbreak of the Nine Years' War (1688-97), the regiment joined the Army of the Rhine. In 1690, it campaigned on the Rhine. In 1690, it took part in the Battle of Fleurus. The regiment was then employed in the field army and on the coasts.

In 1698, the regiment was at the camp of Compiègne.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive mestres de camp lieutenants of the regiment were:

  • from 1 September 1692: Gabriel-Étienne-Louis Texier, Marquis d’Hautefeille
  • from 26 February 1704 to November 1731: Marquis d’Orival

Service during the War

In 1701, at the beginning of the war, the regiment formed part of the Army of the Rhine.

On 14 October 1702, during the Battle of Friedlingen, the regiment was part of the troops who attacked Neuburg.

In February and March 1703, the regiment was present at the Siege of Kehl. In August and September, it was at the Siege of Alt-Breisach. In October and November, it covered the Siege of Landau. On 15 November, it fought in the Combat of the Speyerbach, where it was deployed in the first line of the right wing.

On 13 August 1704, the regiment fought in the disastrous Battle of Blenheim.

In 1705, the regiment served on the Moselle, taking part in the occupation of Trier, in the recapture of the Lines of Wissembourg and in the combat of Haguenau.

From 1707 to 1712, the regiment served in Flanders.

In 1708, the regiment was employed to resupply Lille.

In 1713, the regiment served in Germany with the Maréchal de Bezons.


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Regimental guidons (gros de Tour linen swallow-tailed guidons) red field sown with golden fleurs de lys and fringed in gold and silver; centre device consisting of the crowned escutcheons of France (blue field with three gold fleur-de-lis) and of Queen Marie Leczinska of Poland joined together and framed with golden palm leaves.

La Reine Dragons Regimental Guidon – Source: Jean-Louis Vial of Nec Pluribus Impar


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