Maffei, Count Annibale

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Hierarchical Path: War of the Spanish Succession (Main Page) >> Personalities >> Maffei, Count Annibale

Maffei, Annibale Count

Lieutenant-General (1703-1709), General (1709-1713), Grand Master of Artillery (1713-)

born 10 December 1666, Mirandola, Duchy of Mirandola

died 15 August 1735, Turin, Duchy of Savoy


Count Annibale Maffei – Source: Wikipedia

Annibale, born in 1666, was the son of Count Giovanni Maffei della Mirandola and Margherita Baglioni.

In 1681, during his youth, Annibale was sent to the Court of Savoy in Turin to serve as page for Duke Victor Amadeus II.

In 1690, for his behaviour at the Battle of Staffarda, Annibale gained the duke's confidence.

During the Nine Years' War (1688–97), Count Annibale Maffei took part in different actions like the defence of Avigliana and of Cuneo, the Siege of Carmagnola and the retreat to the Val di Susa. His behaviour won him the appointment to the Order of the Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro. He participated in the campaign of Buriascia, in the assault of Santa Brigida and in the Battle of Orbassano (aka Marsaglia).

In 1695, Maffei was sent to Parma as diplomat, but was often recalled to participate in various military campaigns, such as the famous Siege of Namur in July.

In 1696, Maffei married Maria Giovanna Maddalena Caterina Castelli in Turin.

In 1699, Maffaei was appointed ambassador of the Duke of Savoy in England.

In 1703, during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1713), Maffei was promoted to lieutenant-colonel of cavalry.

In 1704, Maffei was appointed commander of the newly formed Maffei Milizia.

Maffei was then sent back to London as ambassador.

In 1708, Maffei fought alongside with Prince Eugène and Marlbourough at the Battle of Oudenarde).

In 1709, Maffei was appointed Generale di Battaglia.

In 1712, Maffei participated in the Congress of Utrecht as delegate.

In 1713, Maffei was promoted to Grand Master of Artillery before being sent to Sicily as viceroy, a charged that he assumed till 1718.

On 15 April 1729, Maffei was appointed Knight of the Ordine Supremo della Santissima Annunziata.

Maffei was then sent to France as amabassador of the King of Sardinia.

Maffei retired in 1732 and died in 1735.


Italian Edition of Wikipedia - Annibale Maffei


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