Montendre Infanterie

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Origin and History

The regiment was raised on 6 February 1701.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regiment was commanded by

  • from 6 February 1701: unknown member of the Montendre family
  • from 9 November 1702: Michel-François Berthelot de Rebourseau (bought the colonelcy of Bretagne Infanterie in 1704, wounded during the attack of Sals in 1706, promoted to brigadier in 1710 and to maréchal de camp in 1719, governor of Thionville in 1733)
  • from 25 December 1704 to 30 July 1715: Jean-René Jouenne d’Esgrigny (wounded at the Battle of Cassano in 1705, promoted to brigadier on 1 February 1719, colonel of Forez Infanterie from 13 December 1729 until his death on 20 February 1734)

N.B.: the exact name of the first colonel of the regiment is unknown. Susane mentions Paul-Auguste-Gaston de La Rochefoucauld, Comte de Montendre. At that time, two Montendre brothers served in the French Army: Paul-Auguste-Gaston de La Rochefoucauld served aboard the galleys from 1694 to 1703; Isaac-Charles de La Rochefoucauld, was already colonel in Médoc Infanterie.

On 30 July 1715, the regiment was incorporated in Bourbonnais Infanterie.

Service during the War

In 1701, the regiment joined the Army of Italy.

In 1703, the regiment served again in Italy and took part in the expedition in South Tyrol.

In 1704, the regiment took part in the sieges of Vercelli, Ivrea and Verrua.

In 1705, the regiment took part in the siege of Chivasso. On 16 August, it fought in the Battle of Cassano.

In 1706, the regiment took part in the siege of Turin. On 7 September, it was present at the disastrous Battle of Turin.

In 1707, the regiment took part in the defence of Toulon.

In 1708 and 1709, the regiment campaigned with the Army of Dauphiné.

In 1710, the regiment was transferred to Catalonia and took part in the siege of Girona.

In 1711, the regiment served once more in Dauphiné.

In 1713, the regiment returned to Catalonia.

In 1714, the regiment took part in the siege and capture of Barcelona.


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This article incorporates texts from the following books which are now in the public domain:

  • Susane, Louis: Histoire de l'ancienne infanterie française, J. Corréard, Paris, 1849-1856, Tome 8, p. 290


Jean-Louis Vial for the information on the military careers of the colonels of the regiment.