Mosqueteros de la Guardia de la Persona

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Origin and History

The company was raised by the Vicomte de Milan on 21 October 1702 and recruited 100 men among Walloon nobility.

The Spanish Household units of the new Bourbon dynasty were modelled along French lines. Therefore, the company followed the organisation and regulations of the companies of Mousquetaires of the Household troops of Louis XIV.

On 21 June 1704, the company was disbanded and incorporated into the third company of the newly created Reales Guardias de Corps.

The unit was under the command of:

  • from October 1702 to June 1704: Captain Vicomte d'Ursel seconded by Lieutenant Comte de Milan

Service during the War

Soon after its creation, the company was posted at the Royal Palace in Madrid.

In May 1704, the company accompanied Philip V in his campaign in Portugal. It was disbanded on 21 June of the same year.



The company wore the same uniforms as the Mousquetaires of the Household troops of Louis XIV with the exception of the cockade which was red.


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