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Origin and History

This regiment was raised in Scotland in 1594 by Alexander Murray for the Dutch service.

From 1689, during the Nine Years' War (1688-97), the regiment was transferred to the English service.

In 1697, the regiment returned to the Dutch service.

Since the creation of the regiment, its successive colonels were:

  • From 1595: Alexander Murray
  • from 1599: William Edmond
  • from 1606: William Brog
  • from 1635: James Sandilands
  • from 1639: James Erskine
  • from 1655: Sir Walter Scott
  • from 1673: Henry Graham
  • from 1677: Hugh MacKay
  • from 1697 to 1718: Robert Murray of Melgum

In 1795, the regiment was incorporated into the 7e Halvebrigade as its second battalion.

Service during the War

In December 1703, the regiment took up its winter-quarters in Liège.

By 27 May 1704, the regiment was part of the corps that Field-Marshal Nassau-Ouwerkerk had assembled near Houtain.

In February 1706, the regiment was stationed in Maastricht. On 23 May, it took part in the Battle of Ramillies, where it was deployed in Argyll's Brigade in the first line of the infantry left wing. In August, the regiment took part in the Siege of Menin.

In 1708, the regiment garrisoned at Courtrai. On 11 July, it fought in the Battle of Oudenarde, where it formed part of Lieutenant-General Oxenstierna's infantry command.

In 1709, the regiment garrisoned at Courtrai.

From July to August 1710, the regiment took part in the Siege of Béthune.

From 1711, the regiment garrisoned at Courtrai.

At the end of June 1712, after the departure of the British Contingent, the regiment joined the Allied army of Prince Eugène. In July and August, the regiment took part in the unsuccessful Siege of Landrecies.


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is mostly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.


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