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Origin and History

This regiment was raised in 1705.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive proprietors of the regiment were:

  • from 25 March 1705 to 1713: Owen Wynne

The regiment was disbanded in 1713.

Service during the War

In 1707, the regiment was sent to Portugal.

On 25 October 1708, the regiment took part in the engagement of Leffingue.

In April and May 1710, the regiment took part in the siege and capture of Douai.

The regiment was disbanded in 1713.


In June 1705, a deserter wore a red coat lined with yellow, with blue and yellow loops, and a yellow waistcoat. One source specifies that he also wore blue breeches.

In June 1708, the uniform of the grenadiers of the regiment is described as follows: waterfall's cap faced with bear fur, the rest had new red cloth caps, faced with yellow and a wolf head wrought thereon; their livery red, lined and faced with yellow, with blue and white loops.


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