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Some explanations on dates and functions
Dates indicated in this page are not the date of birth and death but rather the period during which a given individual has assumed a given function.

Similarly, functions listed for each individual are those that he assumed during the War of the Spanish Succession. Previous and future functions are specified in the detailed articles but not in the general enumeration.


Arco, Johann Baptist von, Field-Marshal (1702-1715)

Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria (1679-1726)


Joseph Clemens, Archbishop-Elector of Cologne (1688-1723)


Dutch Republic

Albemarle, Arnold Joost van Keppel, Earl of, General of Cavalry (1703-171?)

Heinsius, Anthonie, Grand Pensionary of Holland (1689-1720)

Nassau-Ouwerkerk, Hendrik van aka "Lord Overkirk," General (1697-1704), Field Marshal (1704-1708)

Obdam, Jacob II van Wassenaer, Lieutenant-General (1691-1702) General of Cavalry (1702-1703)


Berwick, James FitzJames, Duke of Lieutenant-General (from at least 1702 to 1706), Maréchal de France (1706-1734)

Boufflers, Louis François, Duc de, Maréchal de France (1693-1711)

Catinat, Nicolas de, Maréchal de France (1693-1712)

Louis de France, Duc de Bourgogne (1682-1711), Dauphin de France (1711-1712)

Louis XIV, King of France (1643-1715)

Marsin, Ferdinand, Comte de Maréchal de Camp (1693-1701), Lieutenant-General (1701-1703), Maréchal de France (1703-1706)

Orléans, Philippe, Duc d'

Tallard, Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, Comte de Lieutenant-General (1693-1703), Maréchal de France (1703-1728)

Tessé, René de Froulay, Comte de, Lieutenant-General (1700-1703), Maréchal de France (1703-1725)

Vendôme, Louis Joseph, Duc de, Maréchal de France (1695-1712)

Villars, Claude Louis Hector de, Lieutenant-General (1701-1702), Maréchal de France (1702-1734)

Villeroy, François de Neufville, Duc de, Maréchal de France (1693-1730)

Great Britain

Anne I, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland (1702-1707), Queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1707-1714)

Galway, Henri de Massue, Earl of

Marlborough, John Churchill, Duke of, Lieutenant-General (1688-1702), Captain-General of the British Army (1702-1711)

Peterborough, Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in Spain (1705-1706)

Rooke, Sir George, Admiral of the Fleet (1696-1702), Vice-Admiral of England (1702-1705)

William III, King of England (1672-1702)

Hanover and Celle

Boisdavid, Anton Simon von, Duchy of Celle Major-General (1684–1692), Generalfeldzeugmeister (1692–1705), Imperial Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1692–1705)

Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Georg Ludwig von aka "George I of Hanover", Elector of Hanover (1698-1727)

Bülow, Cuno Josua von, Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg Major-General (1696–1704) Lieutenant-General (1704–1712), Général-en-chef (1712–1727)

Frechapelle, Francois de Croix de Drumez Sieur de, Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg Major-General (170?–1711)

Saint-Laurent, Amaury de Farcy de, Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg Major-General (1705–1712) Lieutenant-General (1712–1729)

Holy Roman Empire

Aufseß, Christoph Wilhelm Count von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1692-1697), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1697-1704), Imperial Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1702-1704)

Baden-Baden, Ludwig Wilhelm, Margrave of, Lieutenant-General of all Imperial troops (1691-1707)

Bibra, Christoph Erhard von, General-Feldwachtmeister (1704-1706)

Bibra, Georg Friedrich von, Saxe-Gotha Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (170?-1708)

Bibra, Heinrich Carl von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1705-1709), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1709-1723)

Bibra, Johann Ernst von, Imperial Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1701-1704), Feldzeugmeister (1704-1705)

Bonneval, Claude-Alexandre de, General-Feldwachtmeister (1707-1716), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1716-1724)

Boyneburg zu Lengsfeld und Weiler, Georg Philipp von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1704-1710), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1710-1723)

Brandenburg-Bayreuth, Christian Ernst, Margrave of Field-Marshal (1691-1703)

Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern, Ferdinand Albert II Duke of, General-Feldwachtmeister (1707-1711), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1711-1716)

Charles VI, King of Hungary (1711-1740), King of Bohemia (1711-1740) Archduke of Austria (1711-1740), Holy Roman Emperor (1711-1740)

Erffa, Georg Hartmann, Baron von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1692-1697), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1697-1704), Feldzeugmeister (1704-1708)

Helmstätt, Johann Emeran Emerich von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1706-17??), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (17??-1720)

Heister, Sigbert, Count, Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1692-1707), Field-Marshal (1707-1718)

Herbéviller, Louis de Bannerot, Comte d', General-Feldwachtmeister (1688-1692), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1692-1700), General of Cavalry (1700-1704) Field-Marshal (1704-1706)

Hessen-Darmstadt, Georg, Prince von, General der Kavallerie (1699-1705)

Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Hermann Friedrich, Count von, Major-General (1705-1708), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1708-1716)

Joseph I, King of Hungary (1687-1711), King of Bohemia (1705-1711) Archduke of Austria (1705-1711), Holy Roman Emperor (1705-1711)

Leopold I, King of Hungary (1655-1687), King of Bohemia (1656-1705) Archduke of Austria (1657-1705), Holy Roman Emperor (1658-1705)

Mohr von Wald, Johann Friedrich, Franconian General-Feldzeugmeister (1703-1704)

Pálffy ab Erdöd, Johann Bernhard, Count, Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1700-1704), General of cavalry (1704-1709), Field-Marshal (1709-1751)

Pálffy ab Erdöd, Nikolaus VI, Count, General-Feldwachtmeister (1690-1692), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1692-1701) Feldzeugmeister (1701-1718), Field-Marshal (1718-1732)

Rabutin, Jean-Louis, Comte de, General of cavalry (1694-1704), Field-Marshal (1704-1717)

Savoie, Prince Eugène de, Field-Marshal (1693-1736)

Schlik, Leopold Anton, Count, Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1700-1704), General of cavalry (1704-1707), Field-Marshal (1707-1723)

Schnebelin, Johann Andreas von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1701-1704), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1704-1705)

Seybothen, Johann Philipp von, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1710/1711-1714)

Starhemberg, Guido, Count von, General-Feldzeugmeister (1695-1704), Field-Marshal (1704-1737)

Thüngen, Johann Karl von, Field-Marshal (1696-1709)

Tucher von Simmelsdorf, Paulus XII, Franconian General-Feldwachtmeister (1703-1709), Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (1709)


Bercsényi, Miklós, Count, General (1703-1711)

Károlyi, Sándor, Hungarian General (1704-1711), Imperial Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1712-1723)

Ocskay, Lászlo, Hungarian Colonel (1703-1705), Brigadier-General (1705-1708), Imperial Colonel (1708-1710)

Rákóczi, Ferenc II, Prince of the Estates Confederated for Liberty of the Kingdom of Hungary (1704-1711)


Gonzaga, Ferdinando Carlo, Duke of Mantua (1665-1708)


Efferen, Johann Wilhelm, Baron von, Major-General (1703-1705), Lieutenant-General (1705-1724)

Isselbach, Franz Fortunat, Baron von. Lieutenant-General (1704-1717), Imperial Major-General (1704-17??), Imperial Feldmarschall-Lieutenant (17??-1717)


Minas, António Luís de Sousa, Marquis of


Frederick I, King of Prussia (1701-1713)


Maffei, Count Annibale, Lieutenant-Colonel (1703-1709), General (1709-1713)

Roero di Cortanze, Marquis Tomaso Ercole, Governatore Reale Generale di Battaglia (1711-1719)

Schulenburg, Matthias Johann Baron von der, Savoyard Major-General (1699-1702)

Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy (1675-1720)


Schulenburg, Matthias Johann Baron von der, Saxon Lieutenant-General (1702-1704), Saxon General of Infantry (1704-1711)


Bay, Alexandre Maître, Marquis de General of Cavalry (1702-1710), Captain-General of the Royal Army (1710)

Bedmar, Isidro Melchor de la Cueva y Benavides, Marquis of, Commander-in-Chief of the Spanish army in the Netherlands (1697-1704)

Lorraine-Vaudémont, Charles Henri de aka Prince de Vaudémont, Governor of the Duchy of Milan (1698-1706)

Montefalcone, Gaetano Coppola, Prince of, Lieutenant-General of the State of Milan (1701-03)

Philip V, King of Spain (1700-1724)

Villadarias, Francisco del Castillo y Fajardo, Marquis of, Captain-General of Ceuta (1698-1702), Captain-General of Andalusia (1702-10), Captain-General of the Royal Army (1710)