Peterborough's Dragoons

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Origin and History

This regiment was raised on 12 July 1706 in Valencia in Spain.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive proprietors of the regiment were:

The regiment was disbanded in 1712.

Service during the War

On 25 April 1707, the regiment took part in the Battle of Almansa where it was deployed in Killigrew’s Brigade in the first line of the left wing.

On 27 July 1710, the regiment (303 men) took part in the Battle of Almenar, where it was deployed in Frankenberg’s Brigade in the first line of the cavalry left wing. Its colonel, the Count of Nassau was killed in action. On 20 August, the regiment fought in the Battle of Saragossa where it was deployed in Rochford’s Brigade in the first line.


A plate in Rubio’s work (see the Reference section for details) depicts the following uniform: black tricorne laced white; red coat with white buttons and white lining; white cuffs, each with three white buttons; yellow waistcoat; red breeches; black boots. There is no description of the saddle cloth and holsters.


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is partly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.

Other sources

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