Royal-Montferrat Infanterie

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Origin and History

This Piedmontese regiment entered in the French service on 24 October 1688 under the command of the Marquis de Natte.

In 1690, during the Nine Years' War (1688-97), the regiment took part in the capture of Cahours and in the Battle of Staffarda. On 26 September 1690, when the Duke of Savoy defected from the French alliance, the regiment was renamed “Royal-Montferrat Infanterie.” In 1691, the regiment took part in the conquest of Nice and of Savoie; in 1693, in the Battle of Marsaglia; and in 1696, in the siege of Valenza. In 1697, it was transferred to the Army of Flanders and took part in the siege of Ath.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regiment was commanded by:

  • from 12 January 1700: François-Zénobe-Philippe, Comte Albergotti
  • from 17 September 1702: Prosper de Gonzague, Marquis de Luzzara
  • from 23 December 1702 to 9 October 1706: M. de Jaucourt de La Vaiserie

The regiment was disbanded on 9 October 1706 after the disastrous Battle of Turin.

Service during the War

In 1701, the regiment was allocated to the Army of Italy.

On 15 August 1702, the regiment took part in the Battle of Luzzara. On 17 September, it was renamed “Gardes du Duc de Mantoue,” and placed in garrison in Mantua. On 22 December, the new colonel of the regiment was killed during the attack of the entrenchments of Governolo.

In 1705, the regiment took part in the siege of Chivasso. On 16 August, it fought in the Battle of Cassano.

In 1706, the regiment took part in the unsuccessful siege of Turin and in the disastrous Battle of Turin. It was disbanded soon afterwards on 9 October 1706.


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