Saint-Geniès Hussards

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Origin and History

In 1701, a hussar regiment formed part of the troops of the Elector of Bavaria in the Spanish Netherlands. This regiment was under the command of M. de Saint-Geniès.

In 1706, the regiment was incorporated into the French Army.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regiment was under the command of:

  • from 1706: M. de Saint-Geniès
  • from 1707: Rattsky

Service during the War

On 30 May 1711, in the Low Countries, Colonel Rattsky attacked Allied outposts with his hussars, killing or capturing 130 at the loss of 6 hussars. On 11 July, the French launched a night attack on an Allied camp near Arleux. 35 sqns of cavalry and dragoons crossed the Scheldt via Bouchain, joined by 2,000 grenadiers who crossed via pontoons just above Arleux. They attacked before dawn, capturing 200 prisoners and 1,200 horses and killing a great number of soldiers. Colonel Rattsky was killed in this action.

In May 1712, the regiment (3 squadrons) formed part of the reserve of Villars’s Army in the Low Countries.


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