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The uniform of the Spanish dragoons changed in 1703. They adopted a different and more modern uniform, similar to that of the French.


The famous tall round edged mitre was very peculiar to the Spanish dragoons. However, it was worn only by the grenadiers of the regiment. The crown of the mitre (i. e. its back) was black with a pompom (probably in the distinctive colour of the regiment).

Other troopers probably wore the French bonnet (with the distinctive colour of the regiment) during campaign.

Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches

The neck-stock was always white.

The riding mantle had the distinctive colours of the regiment.

Most regiments had red coats but some regiments also wore blue or green coats. There was even a regiment raised in Italy which was known as the Dragones Amarillos (Yellow Dragoons). Ribbons or an aiguillette were worn on the right shoulder.

The waistcoat was always of the facing colour of the regiment.

Breeches were of the distinctive colour of the regiment.


Soft leather boots because dragoons often had to fight also on foot.


Dragoons were armed with a carbine which had a sling allowing to carry it over his back. They also had a bayonet in a scabbard attached to the waist-belt; two pistols; a sword with a leather scabbard with an iron tip protector and a brass mouth piece.

Leather Equipment

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Horse, saddlery and harnessing

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The saddle and the holsters were covered with black Morocco leather (goatskin), except for the grenadiers whose saddle and holsters were covered with white leather.

Peculiarities of Drummers and Fifers

The uniforms of drummers and fifers used the reverse colours of the uniforms of the troopers. They also wore a kind of tabard over their coat. This tabard carried the Cross of Burgundy on its front. It passed over the shoulders and joined in the back to form falsas mangas (hanging sleeves similar to those of the musicians of the British horse regiments).

The drums used by dragoon regiments were similar to infantry drums. The lower part of the drum barrel (about two third of its height) was decorated with an interlocking wave pattern (waves pointing upwards were red, those pointing downwards were sky blue).

Peculiarities of Non Commissioned Officers

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Peculiarities of Officers

Uniforms of officers differed from those of the privates and NCOs by the finer material used. Buttons were gilt or silver-plated and golden embroideries often decorated the cuffs, pocket flaps and saddle cloth.

Captains wore a silver sash knotted around the waist (thus hiding the waist-belt) while the shoulder decorations (ribbons or epaulette) were in gold as for all officers.



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