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With the accession of the French Bourbon dynasty to the throne of Spain, the Spanish army was gradually reorganised on the pattern of the French Army.

Reorganisation of the Grand Staff

On 10 April 1702, a regulation regorganising the Grand Staff was published.

General Officers Ranking
New Rank Old Rank Remarks
Capitan general Generalissimo  
Teniente general General de infanteria or
General de caballeria
Comisario general de infanteria Director general introduced later on 16 October 1704
Mariscal de campo General de battala  
Brigadier Sargento mayor de batalla new rank introduced between generals and colonels, roughly equivalent to the old rank of sargento mayor de batalla

Rank distinctive

On 30 December 1704, a regulation specified the distinctive of each rank:

  • Capitan general: 3 braids embroidered in gold on the cuffs of the coat
  • Teniente general: 2 braids embroidered in gold on the cuffs of the coat
  • Mariscal de campo: 1 braid embroidered in gold on the cuffs of the coat
  • Brigadier: 1 braid embroidered in silver on the cuffs of the coat


Boletin Agrupacion Miniaturistas Militares de España


Jean-Pierre Loriot for the initial version of this article.