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Origin and History

This regiment was raised in Scotland on 1 February 1693.

In 1695, during the Nine Years' War (1688-97), the regiment was operating in West Flanders.

In 1697, the regiment was transferred to the Dutch service.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, the successive colonels of the regiment were:

  • from 1 February 1693: John Gordon Lord of Strathnaver, Earl of Sutherland
  • from 16 June 1702: John Marquis of Lorne, Duke of Argyll
  • from 1706: John Marquis of Tullibardine
  • from 1709: John Campbell
  • from 1710 1717: James Wood

The regiment was disbanded in 1717.

Service during the War

From April to June 1702, the regiment took part in the siege and capture of Kaiserswerth.

In August 1703, the regiment was present at the siege of Huy. In December, it took up its winter-quarters in Berg-op-Zoom and Steenbergen.

In 1706, the regiment garrisoned at Liège. On 23 May, it took part in the Battle of Ramillies, where it was deployed in Argyll's Brigade in the first line of the infantry left wing.

In 1707, the regiment was posted at Courtrai.

In 1708, the regiment garrisoned at Liège. On 11 July, it fought in the Battle of Oudenarde, where it formed part of Murray's Scots infantry brigade.

In 1709, the regiment garrisoned at Bruxelles. On 11 September, it took part in the sanguinary Battle of Malplaquet.

In 1711, the regiment garrisoned at Douai.

In 1712, the regiment garrisoned at Menin. At the end of June, after the departure of the British Contingent, the regiment joined the Allied army of Prince Eugène. In September, it took part in the defence of Le Quesnoy and surrendered as prisoners of war at the beginning of October.


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is mostly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.


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