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Uniform in 1701- Copyright Kronoskaf
Uniform Details in 1701
as per Rousselot, Mouillard, Funcken, Marbot, Rigo
Headgear black tricorne laced silver, with a black cockade
Neckstock black cravate
Coat scarlet lined scarlet, bordered with a silver braid, with silver buttons and silver buttonholes, and a silver braid on each sleeve
Collar none
Shoulder straps none
Lapels none
Pockets horizontal pockets laced silver, each with 3 silver buttons and 3 silver buttonholes
Cuffs scarlet cuffs en botte laced silver, each with 3 silver buttons
Turnbacks none
Gloves buff
Waistcoat buff leather jerkin fastened with hooks and eyes and edged with a silver braid
Breeches scarlet (probably buff leather at war)
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt buff bandoleer laced silver
Waistbelt buff laced silver
Cartridge Box n/a
Scabbard black leather with a silver tip
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth scarlet laced silver (the saddle was of black leather)
Housings scarlet laced silver, even during this period the cypher on the saddlecloth and housings seems to have varied depending on the owner of each company (king, queen, dauphin, a duke...). Here are a few examples:
Gendarmes Écossais Cypher - Source: PMPdeL
Gendarmes Anglais Cypher - Source: PMPdeL
Gendarmes Bourguignons Cypher - Source: PMPdeL
Gendarmes de Flandres Cypher - Source: PMPdeL
Gendarmes du Dauphin Cypher - Copyright Frédéric Aubert
Gendarmes d'Orléans Cypher - Source: PMPdeL
Blanket roll n/a

Troopers were armed with a sabre (silver handle), a pair of pistols and a rifled carbine. Officially for combat they wore a blackened breastplate over their leather jerkin.

The horses of the troopers were of various colours.


NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers.

They also wore a blackened breastplate over their leather jerkin for combat.


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following peculiarities:

  • silver braids on all seams of the coat
  • silver buttons
  • full cuirass worn over the coat

Officers were armed with a strong sword.