Unidentified Hessian Flags

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Colours and standards captured from the enemies by the French armies have long been on display at Notre Dame de Paris and reproduced in "Les Triomphes de Louis XIV", a collection of five books now kept at the Cabinet des Estampes of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.

Several of these colours and standards are difficult to assign to precise regiments. Hereafter, we present some of them.

If you have some indications about the regiment which carried this colour at Castiglione, please let us know.

Hessian colour captured at the Battle of Castiglione in September 1706.

Unidentified Flag 01 - Copyright: Kronoskaf

Two more colours in "Les Triomphes de Louis XIV", which are definitely Hessian, but the corresponding regiments are not clearly documented. These colours had been captured in the Combat of the Speyerbach. Robert Hall assumes that the colours belong to Tilemann Infantry, while Goldberg and Belaubre are not so clear-cut.

Unidentified Flag 02 - Copyright: Kronoskaf
Unidentified Flag 03 - Copyright: Kronoskaf


Les Triomphes de Louis XIV