1756 - French deployment inside France

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Deployment in July 1756


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France had to deploy several line regiments as well as most of its militia to defend France against British amphibious expeditions. Furthermore, other troops had to be spared to occupy the islands of Minorca and Corsica in the Mediterranean.

The following breakdown has been compiled by Jean-Pierre Loriot and, for the moment, covers only Bretagne.


Deployment in Bretagne

Deployment of French Troops in Bretagne in 1756 - Copyright: Kronoskaf

By July 1756, the French had many regiments and militia units stationed in Bretagne and at the mouth of the Loire River. The following table lists the deployment of these French troops.

Maritime Region Unit Deployment
Saint-Malo Navarre Infanterie (4 bns) Saint-Servant
Penthièvre Saintonge Infanterie (1 bn) Lamballe
Tréguier-Léon Nantes Militia (1 bn) Saint-Brieuc (2 coys)
Tréguier (1 coy)
Guincamp (1 coy)
Lannion (2 coys)
Saint-Pol-de-Léon (1 coy)
Lesneven (1 coy)
Brest Brie Infanterie (1 bn) Le Conquet (8 coys)
Saint-Renan (3 coys)
Saint-Mathieu (1 coy)
Lochrist (2 coys)
Aberildut (1 coy)
  Berry Infanterie (2 bns) Landernau (17 coys)
Chateaulin (5 coys)
Le Faou (5 coys)
Crozon (5 coys)
Camaret (2 coys)
  Cambrésis Infanterie (1 bn) Quimper (575 men)
Concarneau (30 men)
Glénans (50 men)
Audierne (15 men)
Lorient Penthièvre Infanterie (2 bns) Quimperlé
  Boulonnais Infanterie (1 bn) Port Louis
Morbihan Lorraine Infanterie (1 bn) Auray
  Lally Infanterie (1 bn) Vannes
Loire Dinan Militia (1 bn) Saint-Nazaire (2 coys)
Billiers (1 coy)
Le Croisic (6 coys)
Saint-Gildas (1 coy)
Various detachments (110 men)
Islands of Bretagne Nantes Militia (detachment) Bréhat Island
  Bas-officiers Desglands (1 coy) Iles aux Moines
  Bas-officiers Dumeny Sept Iles
  Grenadiers Royaux (4 coys) Ouessant Island
  La Sarre Infanterie (2 coys) Groix Island
  Cambrésis Infanterie (1 coy) Glénans Island
  Fontenay-le-Comte Militia (1 bn) Belle-Isle
  Boulonnais Infanterie (3 coys) Belle-Isle
  Comte de La Marche Infanterie (3 coys) Belle-Isle
  Lorraine Infanterie (2 coys) Houat Island
  Lorraine Infanterie (1 coy) Houédic Island
  Dinan Militia (1 coy) Ile du Met (present-day Dumet Island)

From July to September, Emmanuel-Armand Vignot du Plessis Richelieu, Duc d'Aiguillon, governor of Bretagne assembled an important force at the camp of Saint-Malo:



Jean-Pierre Loriot for the orders of battles of the French troops