1756 - Prussian invasion of Saxony – Austrian OOB September 30

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1756 - Prussian invasion of Saxony >> Detailed order of battle of the Austrian Army of Browne around September 30 1756


By the end of September, Field-Marshal Browne was encamped at Budin (present-day Budyně nad Ohří) with an Austrian army.

Summary: 49 bns, 69 sqns, 8 carabinier coys, 4 draggon coys

The following order of battle is based on a contemporary illustration reproduced herein. On average:

  • a line infantry regiment (2 field battalions), including lower-staff and grenadiers = 1,860 men
  • a garrison battalion, including lower-staff = 550 men
  • a Grenz-Battalion, including staff and grenadiers = 1,080 men
  • a cuirassier regiment, including staff = 1,015 men
  • a dragoon regiment, including staff = 1,014 men
  • a hussar regiment, including staff = 800 men

Commander-in-Chief: Fieldmarshal Maximilian Ulysses von Browne

  • Commanders of the First Line
    • FML Count von Kollowrath
    • FML Starhemberg
    • FML Radicati
    • FML Serbelloni
    • GFWM Prince von Löwenstein
    • GFWM Count Maquire
    • GFWM Count Wied
  • Commanders of the Second Line
    • GFWM Hedwiger
    • GFWM Baron von Wolfersdorf
    • GFWM von Grottendorf
    • GFWM Prince von Lobkowitz
  • Commanders of the Reserve Corps
First Line Second Line Reserve Corps




Browne's camp at Budin, end September 1756 - Copyright: Ing. Jiří Sissak Ph.D



Ing. Jiří Sissak Ph.D for the rare illustration that has served to create this article