1756 - Prussian operations in Eastern Bohemia – Prussian OOB Schwerin

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Army of Silesia under Field-Marshal Count Schwerin in August 1756

Summary: 20 infantry bns, 6 grenadier bns, 52 battalion guns, 20 cuirassier sqns, 10 dragoon sqns, 20 hussar sqns, 20 field pieces, 20 pontoons)

For a total of 17,704 foot and 6,801 horse (excluding the supernumeraries amounting to 844 foot and 720 horse)


  • Commander-in-Chief: Field-Marshal Count Schwerin
  • Adjutants: P. L. von Platen, Lieutenant-General Count Schwerin, Lieutenant von der Groeben
  • Lieutenant-Quartermaster: Lieutenant-Colonel von Wreede
  • Brigadiers-Majors: Captain von Lockstedt, lieutenant-Colonel von Rothenburg
  • Engineers: Major Embers, Captain Griese
  • Field-Postmaster: Böttger
  • Artillery Train: Captain von Often
  • Field Hospital Director: Major von Henning
  • General-Surgeon: Schmucker
  • Supply: Colonel von der Often

Right wing under Lieutenant-general Baron de la Motte-Fouqué

Left wing under Lieutenant-General von Hautcharmoy assisted by von Schmerzing

Field Artillery

  • 10 x 12-pdr guns
  • 4 x 24-pdr guns
  • 6 x 10-pdr howitzers

N.B.: Lloyds also mentions Grenadier Battalion 28/32 Kreytzen. Indeed this battalion was part of Schwerin's Army till mid-September when Schwerin sent it to reinforce the garrison of Cosel.


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