1757 - French invasion of Hanover – Allied OOB Zastrow May

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On May 20, 1757, an Allied corps had taken position at Neuhaus near Paderborn, behind the Alme River.

Commander: General of Infantry Zastrow

Summary: 16 bns, 22 sqns

Note: the units are listed from right to left.

First Line Second Line
Hanoverian Artillery Train

Hanoverian Garde (2 bns)
Hanoverian Kielmannsegg Infantry (1 bn)
Hanoverian Hardenberg Infantry (1 bn)
Hanoverian Zandre Infantry (1 bn)
Hanoverian Post (1 bn)
Hanoverian Jung Zastrow Infantry (1 bn)
Hanoverian Ledebour Infantry (1 bn)
Hanoverian Oberg Infantry (1 bn)
Hessian Prinz von Anhalt Infantry (1 bn)
Hessian Hanau Infantry (1 bn)
Hessian Haudring Infantry (1 bn)

Deployed en potence on the left flank
Hessian Mansbach Infantry (1 bn)
Hessian Prinz Karl Infantry (1 bn)
Hessian Leib-Regiment (1 bn)
Hanoverian Sachsen-Gotha Infantry (1 bn)

Hanoverian Bock Dragoons (4 sqns)

Hanoverian Heimburg Dragoons (4 sqns)
Hessian Artillery Train
Hanoverian Leib-Regiment Reuter (2 sqns)
Hanoverian Gilten Cavalry (2 sqns)
Hessian Ysenburg Cavalry (2 sqns)
Hessian Prinz Wilhelm Cavalry (2 sqns)
Hessian Leib Regiment (2 sqns)
Hessian Leib Dragoner (4 sqns)


Royal Collection Trust – The Seven Years War (1756–63) – Encampment at Neuhaus 1757