1757 - Prussian invasion of Bohemia

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The campaign lasted from April to June 1757

Description of Events

This article rapidly becoming quite large has been split into four distinct articles:

  1. Context and preparations (January 1 to April 17, 1757) describing the general context of the campaign, winter operations and the preparations of Austria and Prussia for the incoming conflict
  2. Prussian invasion of Bohemia till the Battle of Prague (April 17 to May 6, 1757) describing the advance of the Prussian columns into Bohemia and their manoeuvres around Prague
  3. Siege of Prague till the Battle of Kolin (May 7 to June 18, 1757) describing the siege of Prague, the Austrian relief attempt and the Battle of Kolin
  4. Retreat (June 19 to June 29, 1757) describing the retreat of the Prussian armies


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