1757 - Prussian invasion of Bohemia – Prussian OOB March – Frederick

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At the end of March 1757, the Prussian main army under the command of King Frederick II of Prussia was deployed on the left bank of the Elbe between Dippoldiswalde, Pirna and Dresden in Saxony.

Summary: 30,500 foot in 36 bns and 2 foot jäger coys, 9,100 horse in 48 sqns and 2 horse jäger sqns, with 80 field pieces

Commander-in-chief: King Frederick II of Prussia

First Line Second Line
Cavalry Right Wing under Lieutenant-General Baron von Kyau seconded by Major-General von Driesen
Garde du Corps (3 sqns)

Gens d'Armes (5 sqns)
Prinz von Preußen Cuirassiers (5 sqns)
Krockow Cuirassiers (5 sqns)

Second Line under Major-General von Meinicke

Szekely Hussars (4 sqns)
Meinicke Dragoons (2 sqns)

Centre under Field-Marshal Keith
Infantry Right Wing under General of Infantry Margrave Karl zu Brandenburg seconded by Lieutenant-General Ferdinand of Brunswick
Major-General Count Wied's Brigade as right flank guard

Major-General von Hülsen's Brigade

Major-General von Zastrow's Brigade

Major-General von Retzow's Brigade

under the Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt

Major-General von Kannacher's Brigade

Major-General von Ingersleben's Brigade

Infantry Left Wing under General of Infantry Prince of Prussia seconded by Lieutenant-General Prince Henri
Major-General von Götze's Brigade

Major-General von Manstein's Brigade

Major-General von Rohr's Brigade as left flank guard

under the Lieutenant-General von Meyerinck

Major-General von Asseburg's Brigade

Cavalry Left Wing under Lieutenant-General von Katzler seconded by Major-General von Krosigk
Driesen Cuirassiers (5 sqns)

Markgraf Friedrich von Brandenburg Cuirassiers (5 sqns)
Leibregiment zu Pferde (5 sqns)

Meinicke Dragoons (2 sqns)

Szekely Hussars (4 sqns)

Reserve under Lieutenant-Colonel von Mayr (from right to left)


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