1757 - Prussian invasion of Bohemia – Prussian OOB March – Moritz

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1757 - Prussian invasion of Bohemia >> Detailed order of battle of the Prussian Army of Prince Moritz von Anhalt March 30 1757


At the end of March 1757, a Prussian corps under the command of the Prince Moritz von Anhalt was deployed between Zwickau and Chemnitz in Saxony.

Summary: 14,100 foot in 17 bns, 5,200 horse in 30 sqns, 8 field pieces

Commander-in-chief: Prince Moritz von Anhalt

First Line Second Line Reserve
Cavalry Right Wing under Lieutenant-General von Zieten seconded by Major-General Baron Schönaich
Leib-Carabiniers (5 sqns)

Bayreuth Dragoons (5 sqns)

Zieten Hussars (4 sqns) Zieten Hussars (1 sqn)
Centre under Lieutenant-General Prince Moritz von Anhalt
Grenadier-Battalion Wrede (1 bn) as right flank guard

Major-General von Itzenplitz's Brigade

Prince Ferdinand of Prussia's Brigade

Grenadier-Battalion Wedell (1 bn) as left flank guard

Major-General von Knobloch's Brigade Frei-Infanterie le Noble (1 bn)

Frei-Infanterie von Kalben (1 bn)

Cavalry Left Wing under Lieutenant-General von Penavaire seconded by Major-General von Meyer
Bayreuth Dragoons (5 sqns)

Baron von Schönaich Cuirassiers (5 sqns)

Zieten Hussars (4 sqns) Zieten Hussars (1 sqn)


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