1757 - Swedish campaign in Pomerania – Swedish OoB October

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At the end of October 1757, the Royal Swedish Army operating in Pomerania under the command of Mathias Alexander Baron von Ungern Sternberg and Count Hamilton consisted of (listed from right to left):

Summary: 33 battalions and 32 squadrons

First Line Second Line
Right Wing Cavalry under baron Åferhield assisted by count Horn
Infantry Centre under count Ferien and baron Lantingshausen
Ehrensvärd brigade

count Hessenstein brigade

count Liemen brigade

von Lingen brigade

von Lybeder brigade

Left Wing Cavalry under count Lieven assisted by count Sparre

Field Artillery Regiment (12 coys) under the command of Lieutenant-colonel Joshua Adlerbjelke, consisting of:

  • Artillerymen (1,131 men)
    • Stockholm Regiment (194 men)
    • Västgöta Battalion (172 men)
    • Scania Battalion (122 men)
    • Gotland (244 men)
    • Finnish Battalion (203 men)
    • Stralsund Artillery-Battalion (196 men)
  • Artillery pieces (in August)
    • 12 x 12-pdrs guns
    • 12 x 6-pdrs guns
    • 36 x 3-pdrs guns (regimental pieces)
    • 2 x 16-pdrs howitzers
    • 8 x 8-pdrs howitzers


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Gunnar W. Bergman for additional information on the Swedish artillery