1758 - Allied campaign in West Germany - April

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This text is a reproduction of tables published by Christian Rogge in "The French & Allied Armies in Germany during the Seven Years War"


Camp of Wesel - March 30 to April 4

By the end of March, Clermont had concentrated most of his army in a camp near Wesel where he remained from March 30 to April 4. In this camp, his army was deployed as follows:

First Line Second Line Reserve
Right Wing Cavalry
  • Mestre de Camp (2 sqns)
  • Royal Piémont (2 sqns)
  • Royal Pologne (2 sqns)
  • Dauphin (2 sqns)
  • Bourgogne (2 sqns)
  • Aquitaine (2 sqns)
Right Wing Cavalry
  • Royal Etranger (2 sqns)
  • Fumel (2 sqns)
  • Maugiron (2 sqns)
  • La Rochefoucauld (2 sqns)
  • Fleury (2 sqns)
Right Wing Dragoons
  • Colonel Général (2 sqns)
  • Le Roy (2 sqns)
Infantry Centre Infantry Centre Infantry Reserve
Left Wing Cavalry
  • Six unidentified regiments (12 sqns)
Left Wing Cavalry
  • Moustier (2 sqns)
  • Dampierre (2 sqns)
  • Lennoncourt (2 sqns)
  • Royal Roussillon (2 sqns)
Left Wing Dragoons
  • Harcourt (4 sqns)
  • D'Apchon (4 sqns)
  • Caraman (4 sqns)
  • Orléans (4 sqns)
  • Mestre de Camp (4 sqns)

N.B.: unknown breakdown for the artillery

Deployment along the Rhine in April

First Line consisting of 76 bns and 51 sqns
Quarters Infantry Cavalry
Cologne Belzunce (4 bns)
Provence (2 bns)
Cologne/Deutz Volontaires de Flandres
Worringen, Dormagen, Grimlinghausen and Gnadental
along the Rhine between Cologne and Neuss
Royal-Cravates (2 sqns)
Montcalm (2 sqns)
Lennoncourt (2 sqns)
Fort Zons on the Rhine near Neuss Brancas (2 bns)
Neuss Du Roi (4 bns)
Düsseldorf unidentified Palatine regiments (6 bns)
Several villages between Neuss and Krefeld Royal Étranger (2 sqns)
Marcieux (2 sqns)
Charost (2 sqns)
Nierst, Langstkierst near Kaiserswerth and Düsseldorf Planta (2 bns)
Fischeln and Osterath near Krefeld Jenner (2 bns)
Willich near Krefeld Courten (2 bns)
Fort Kaiserswerth near Düsseldorf Tournaisis (1 bn)
Krefeld Champagne (4 bns)
Kampen near Krefeld Orléans (2 bns)
Uerdingen Auvergne (4 bns)
Friemersheim area Royal Roussillon (1 bn)
Borth and Ossenberg near Krefeld Cambrésis (1 bn)
Moers Navarre (4 bns)
Rheinberg D’Aumont (2 bns)
Ossroy (actual Orsoyerberg) Royal-Roussillon (2 sqns)
Alpen Harcourt (2 sqns)
Fumel (2 sqns)
Wesel Picardie (4 bns)
Enghien (2 bns)
Unidentified Austrian units (3 bns)
Royal Artillerie - Chabrié (1 bn)
Reding (2 bns)
Polleresky Hussards (2 sqns)
Fortified bridge of Büderich opposite Wesel Royal Artillerie - Cosme (1 bn)
Royal Artillerie - La Motte (1 bn)
Royal Artillerie - Menonville (1 bn)
Sonsbeck near Xanten
and Waldbeck near Geldern
Dauphin (2 sqns)
Talleyrand (2 sqns)
Dampierre (2 sqns)
Xanten Conty (2 bns) Cuirassiers du Roy (2 sqns)
La Rochefoucauld (2 sqns)
Apeltorn and Marienbaum near Xanten Chabrillant (2 sqns)
Auf dem Hammel, Ober-Mömter, Nieder-Mömter,
Warth, Haus Balken, Lütteringen all near Xanten
Lochmann (2 bns)
Gooch, Asperden, Nieukloster,
Ottersum, Hommersum, all within the Gooch/Gennep/Meuse surrounding
Condé (2 sqns)

Noialles (2 sqns)
Du Roy (2 sqns)

Kalkar Eu (2 bns)
Till, Moyland, Huisberden, Warbeyen, Grieth, Kaltenberg,
Hasselt and Bedburg, all near Kleve
Clermont Tonnerre (2 sqns)
Colonel Général (3 sqns)
Aquitaine (2 sqns)
Gooch La Tour-du-Pin (4 bns)
Kleve Foix (1 bn)
La Marine (4 bns)
Griethausen near Kleve Périgord (1 bn)
Gennep Bretagne (2 bns)
Kleve, Donsbrüggen, Nütterden, Zyfflich,
Niel, between Kleve and the Dutch border
Mestre de Camp (2 sqns)
Bellefonds (2 sqns)
Berry (2 sqns)
Second Line consisting of 21 bns and 38 sqns
Quarters Infantry Cavalry
Euskirchen Vaubécourt (2 bns)
Kerpen Vastan (2 bns)
Tits La Marche (1 bn)
Düren and Nideggen on the Eiffel heights Széchényi Austrian Hussars (6 sqns)
Zülprich on the Eiffel heights Volontaires Royaux
Lechenich and Gymnich near Cologne Bercheny Hussards (4 sqns)
Hammerbach ? and Alsdorf ? in the Cologne Pulheim area La Marck (2 bns)
Bedburg and Berheim Touraine (2 bns)
Kaster, Pfaffendorf and Bergheim all near Cologne Royal Lorraine (1 bn)
Grevenbroich and Kaster area Bourbon Busset (2 sqns)
Moustiers (2 sqns)
Bourgogne (2 sqns)
Mönchengladbach, Wegberg and Viersen in the Dülken area Carabiniers (10 sqns)
Kerken Chartres (2 bns) Archiac (2 sqns)
Viersen Aquitaine (2 bns)
St. Tönis (actual Tönisforst) La Couronne (2 bns)
Wachtendonk Condé (2 bns)
Issum and Sevelen in the Kerken area La Reine (2 sqns)
Vienne (2 sqns)
Kevelaer, Weeze and Uedem Orléans (2 sqns)
Maugiron (2 sqns)
Royal Piémont (2 sqns)
Geldern unidentified Austrian regiments (3 bns)
Third Line consisting of 23 bns and 24 sqns
Quarters Infantry Cavalry
Jülich at the Ruhr river unidentified Palatine regiments (3 bns)
Linnich on the Ruhr Grenadiers de France (4 bns)
Gangelt, Anderaldt ?,
Aldenhoven and Geilenkirchen
Grenadiers Royaux de Modène (2 bns)
Grenadiers Royaux d'Aulans (2 bns)
Grenadiers Royaux de Bergeret (2 bns)
Grenadiers Royaux de Chantilly (2 bns)
Sittard in Belgium near Meuse and Tudder (actual Selfkant) Caraman Dragons (4 sqns)
Heinsberg Du Roy Dragons (4 sqns)
Roermond Dauphin (2 bns)
Royal Comtois (2 bns)
Rohan Rochefort (2 bns)
Colonel Général Dragons (4 sqns)
Straelen near Venlo Orléans Dragons (4 sqns)
Brüggen south of Venlo Mestre de Camp Dragons (4 sqns)
Wassenberg south of Brüggen Harcourt Dragons (4 sqns)
Gooch and Kessel Gardes Lorraines (2 bns)


Rogge, Christian, The French & Allied Armies in Germany during the Seven Years War, Frankfurt, 2006