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This text is a reproduction of tables published by Christian Rogge in "The French & Allied Armies in Germany during the Seven Years War"


By the end of 1757 until February 28 1758, the French Army in Germany was disposed in 4 lines in its winter-quarters with an additional occupation force in Hesse. Overall, it numbered 185 squadrons (including Gendarmerie, cavalry, dragoons and hussars) and 194 battalions (including 5 artillery bns, 7 Austrian bns and 10 Palatine bns). The average battalion strength was now below 300 men while the average squadron strength had fallen below 100 men in the cavalry.

In its winter-quarters, this army was positioned as follows:

First Line consisting of 68 bns and 46 sqns
Winter-quarters Infantry Cavalry
Bremen and the surounding villages
on both sides of the Weser
Alsace (3 bns)
Bentheim (2 bns)
Lowendahl (2 bns)
Bergh (1 bn)
Marcieux (2 sqns)
Lennoncourt (2 sqns)
Dampierre (2 sqns)
Harcourt dragons (4 sqns)
Bassum and Hoxter
(unknown location maybe Hafta)
Périgord (1 bn)
Langenwedel (near Verden) Cambrésis (1 bn)
at the Wümme river Volontaires Royaux
Verden (Aller river) Bretagne (2 bns)
Courten (2 bns)
Rethem (Aller) Nassau-Ussingen (1 bn)
Ahlden and Grethem (Aller) Nassau Sarrebruck (1 bn)
Essel, Bothmer, and Schwarnstedt (Aller) Jenner (2 bn)
Celle (Aller) Auvergne (4 bns)
Talaru (later d’Aumont) (2 bns)
Royal Pologne (1 bn)
in front of Celle Polleresky Hussards (4 sqns)
Langingen (Aller) La Marche (1 bn)  
Müden (Aller) and S. Letter (Hannover) La Dauphine (1 bn)
Bissendorf (near Hannover) Grenadiers Royaux de Bergeret (2 bns)
Burgwedel Grenadiers Royaux d'Aulans (2 bns)
Burgdorf Grenadiers Royaux de Chantilly (2 bns)
Giforn Corps de Fischer
Meinersen (near Wolfsburg) Archiac (2 sqns)
Braunschweig Picardie (4 bns)
La Marine (4 bns)
Enghien (2 bns)
Cosme artillerie (1 bn)
Fleury (2 sqns)
Wolfenbüttel Belzunce (4 bns)
Vastan (2 bns)
La Motte artillerie (1 bn)
Berry (2 sqns)
Schladen, Wiehdela Condé (2 bns)
Viehenburg Royal Bavière (2 bns) Turpin Hussards (4 sqns)
Goslar La Couronne (2 bns)
Saint-Germain (1 bn)
La Marck (1 bn)
Moustiers (2 sqns)
Clausthal/Harz La Marck (1 bn)
Osterode, Harzberg and Sarsfeld ? Vaubécourt (2 bns)
Hattdorf Foix (1 bn)
Blecheroda ? – Göttingen surroundings Széchényi Husaren (Austrian) (4 sqns)
Stadtvorches ? – Göttingen surroundings Le Roy Dragons (4 sqns)
Heilbad Heiligenstadt and surroundings Nassau (2 sqns)
Württemberg (2 sqns)
Duderstadt Rohan Rochefort (2 bns)
Ligne (Austrian) (1 bn)
Saxe Gotha (Austrian) (1 bn)
Arberg (Austrian) (1 bn)
Gebelhausen ?? – Gerblingerode and surroundings Bercheny Hussards (4 sqns)
Poltz and Linden ??? Royal Allemand (2 sqns)

Second Line consisting of 29 bns and 14 sqns
Winter-quarters Infantry Cavalry
Neustadt am Rübenberge Royal Suédois (2 bns)
Wunsdorf and Baringshausen Clermont (2 sqns)
Marienhagen - near Alfeld/Leine Chabrillant (2 sqns)
Bad Münder and Hessisch Oldendorf Salis (2 bns)
Hannover La Tour-du-Pin (4 bns)
Conty (2 bns)
Chabrié artillerie (1 bn)
Royal Roussillon (2 sqns)
Dauphin (2 sqns)
Hildesheim Grenadiers de France (4 bns)
Voldemberg and surroundings La Rochefoucauld (2 sqns)
Peyna ? – Bad Pyrmont Grenadiers Royaux de Modène (2 bns)
Einbeck and Alfeld Navarre (4 bns) Charost (2 sqns)
Northeim Chartres (2 bns)
Göttingen Orléans (2 bns)
Royal Comtois (1 bn)
Commissaire Général (2 sqns)
Dransfeld Royal Comtois (1 bn)
Münden Dauphin (2 bns)

Third Line consisting of 13 bns and 16 sqns
Winter-quarters Infantry Cavalry
Holzminden and Beverungen Caraman Dragons (4 sqns)
Hameln Brancas (2 bns)
Rintheln and Oberkirchen Menonville artillerie (1 bn)
Minden Reding (2 bns) Conty (2 sqns)
Nienburg Lyonnais (2 bns)
Hoya Gardes Lorraines (2 bns) Mestre de Camp Dragons (4 sqns)
Diepholz Colonel Général Dragons (4 sqns)
Buchenburg Grenadiers Royaux de Solar (2 bns)
Stadthagen Volontaires de Flandre
Schosselburg ? Volontaires d’Hainault
Lemgo Aquitaine (2 bns)
Herford Royal Pologne (2 sqns)

Fourth Line consisting of 48 bns and 67 sqns
Winter-quarters Infantry Cavalry
Lippstadt Poitou (2 bns)
Militia (2 bns)
Paderborn Mailly (4 bns)
Detmold Palatine Contingent (10 bns)
Münster Militia (2 bns)
Osnabrück Champagne (4 bns)
Tecklenburg Bourgogne (2 sqns)
Emden (East Frisia) Unidentified Austrian troops (2 bns)
Eu (2 bns)
Aurich and surroundings (East Frisia) Royal Piémont (2 sqns)
Filsum (East Frisia) Bourbon Busset (2 sqns)
Leer (East Frisia) Lusignan (2 sqns)
Weener (East Frisia) Colonel Général (2 sqns)
Burich (East Frisia) Du Roi (2 sqns)
Issingen ? - Sellingen (East Frisia) Bellefonds (2 sqns)
Brinkhum ? (East Frisia) Orléans (2 sqns)
Wesel / Lower Rhine Los Rios 1st bn (Austrian) ( 1 bn)
I./Lochmann (1 bn)
Militia (3 bns)
Saluce (2 sqns)
Geldern / Lower Rhine Los Rios 2nd bn (Austrian depot battalion) (1 bn)
II./Lochmann (1 bn)
Beauvilliers (2 sqns)
Cleve / Lower Rhine Cossé Brissac (2 bns)
Militia (1 bn)
Mestre de Camp (2 sqns)
Emmerich / Lower Rhine Aquitaine (2 sqns)
Clermont Tonnerre (2 sqns)
Kempen / Lower Rhine Talleyrand (2 sqns)
La Reine (2 sqns)
Moers / Lower Rhine Descars (2 sqns)
Royal (2 sqns)
Xanten / Lower Rhine Orléans Dragons (4 sqns)
Sonsbeck and Kalkar / Lower Rhine Aubigné Dragons (4 sqns)
Hamm / Westphalia Lameth (2 sqns)
Goch / Lower Rhine Fumel (2 sqns)
Ossroy (now Ossenberg) / Lower Rhine Noailles (2 sqns)
Krefeld / Lower Rhine Royal Étranger (2 sqns)
Nees / Lower Rhine Condé (2 sqns)
Straelen / Lower Rhine Bourbon (2 sqns)
Hagen / Westphalia Henrichemont (2 sqns)
Unna / Westphalia Royal Cravattes (2 sqns)
Ruden ? and Brilon / Westphalia Dauphin Étranger (2 sqns)
Soest / Westphalia Cuirassiers (2 sqns)
Harcourt (2 sqns)
St. Wient ? near Werl / Westphalia Vienne (2 sqns)
Roermond Militia (2 bns)
Cologne Piémont (4 bns)
Düsseldorf Saint-Chamond (2 bns)
Neuss Militia (2 bns)  

French troops in Hesse consisting of 28 bns and 42 sqns
Winter-quarters Infantry Cavalry
Cassel Du Roi (4 bns)
Wolfhagen Royal Roussillon (1 bn)
Cassel surroundings Carabiniers (10 sqns)
Obergaulangen ? Poly (2 sqns)
Immenhausen Montcalm (2 sqns)
Witzenhausen Royal Lorraine (1 bn)
Allendorf Tournaisis (1 bn)
Eschwege Touraine (2 bns)
Creuzburg and Treffurt (near Eschwege) Provence (2 bns)
Hersfeld (or Hünfeld)
on the Fulda River
Castellas (2 bns)
Gelnhausen and Meroth ?
on the Kinzig River
Royal Deux Ponts (3 bns)
Kirchain Crussol (2 sqns)
Marburg Rohan Montbazon (2 bns)
Berka and Vacha on the
Werra River near Eisenach
Planta (2 bns)
Lichtenau and Waldkappel (south of Cassel) Apchon Dragons (4 sqns)
Hanau Beauvoisis (2 bns)
Aumale artillerie (later Loyauté)
Hanau County Gendarmerie (8 sqns)
Babenhausen Royal Barrois (1 bn)
Babenhausen surroundings Penthièvre (2 sqns)
Bad Vilbel and surroundings Raugrave (2 sqns)
Bornheim (Frankfurt) Fitzjames (2 sqns)
Münzenberg and Ortemberg Bezons (2 sqns)
Stockstadt and Grossostheim Volontaires de Nassau (hussards) (2 sqns)
Offenbach Waldner (2 bns)
Büdingen and surroundings Saint-Jal (2 sqns)
Schlitz and surroundings Grammont (2 sqns)
Bad Soden Diesbach (2 bns)

Besides the troops listed above, two additional Austrian battalions were sent to garrison Emden in East Frisia: 1 battalion from the Carl von Lothringen regiment and 1 battalion from Platz regiment. Furthermore the four Austrian squadrons of Széchényi hussars already operating with the French army were reinforced by 2 more squadrons from the same regiment.


Rogge, Christian, The French & Allied Armies in Germany during the Seven Years War, Frankfurt, 2006

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