1758 - Prussian invasion of Moravia – Prussian Army OOB July 2

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On July 2, 1758, when the Prussian army operating in Moravia undertook its retreat. It consisted of Keith’s Army and Frederick’s Army. Furthermore, during its retreat, the Prussian army was accompanied by 57 heavy pieces and approx. 4,000 vehicles.

Former Siege Corps

The former Siege Corps was under the command of Field-Marshal Keith

Vanguard under Lieutenant-General Retzow (13 bns, 11 sqns)

Mainbody under Feild-Marshal Keith

Rearguard under Prince Franz von Braunsschweig (6 bns, 10 sqns)

Former Army of Observation

The former Army of Observation under King Frederick II

The following unit is not mentioned in this ordre of battle even if it had taken part in the invasion of Moravia


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